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Lianyungang Norsen Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Norsen Co., Ltd.
About Us

Lianyungang Norsen Co., Ltd. is located in Dapu Industrial Zone of Lianyungang in Jiangsu. Lianyungang is at starting point of New Eurasian Land Bridge and meeting-point of B & R Initiative. Meanwhile it is production base of pharmaceutical industry.

Norsen was founded in 2012. It is mainly engaged in research and manufacturing of bulk pharmaceutical materials and intermediates. We have individual research team and research laboratory. And there is excellent workshop. We have built stable cooperation relationship with many Pharmaceutical Corporation and trading company. We always provide customers with high quality products

Thanks for your support and trust. Norsen will serve all colleagues better. And we expect to develop new business and create brilliance together with you.

Lianyungang Norsen Co., Ltd.

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